About Us

We are a full service deliverer of competitive parts to the offshore industry. We deliver standard products as well as tailor made, precisely cut to fit your need. Our goal is to deliver quality products fast!

We are a flexible family run business in Dusavik, Stavanger. Our history started in 1932 when Toralf Kristiansen started as a traditional black smith. His son, Magne redirected the business and today our clients are mainly in the offshore industry. 

Mechanical workshop

Our factory is 1300 square meters big, plus 400 square meters of offices/service rooms. We have two traverse cranes capable
of lifting 10 tonnes each. Our skilled personnel do welding of steel, alloys and titanium. We have machinery doing automatic grinding/deburring of parts. At Smed T. Kristiansen AS we also have bending and roll forming machinery. We always have a large stock of raw materials.

We serve all the big oil companies and their suppliers

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